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About Us

St. Paul's Episcopal Church is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles; which is part of The Episcopal Church in the USA and a member province of the worldwide Anglican Communion. 


Saint Paul's has been proclaiming the love of Christ in the Antelope Valley since 1924.  Our mission is to share Christ's unconditional love with the world. 


For more about the history of the Episcopal Church, click here.

St. Paul's Transition in Ministry

Saint Paul, also known as Paul the Apostle and Paul of Tarsus, was an apostle — though not one of the Twelve Apostles — who taught the gospel of Christ to the first-century world.


Paul was originally dedicated to the persecution of Christians. In Acts of the Apostles, Paul was traveling on the road from Jerusalem to Damascus when the resurrected Christ appeared to him in a great light, striking him blind. After three days his sight was restored, and Paul began to preach that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, the Son of God.


Fourteen of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament are traditionally attributed to Paul, although only seven are now thought to have been written by Paul himself. His letters continue to be vital roots of the theology, worship, and pastoral life in the Catholic and Protestant traditions of the West, and the Orthodox traditions of the East.

St. Paul is thought to have been beheaded in Rome at the behest of Emperor Nero. He is typically depicted holding a scroll symbolizing the Scriptures, and a sword symbolizing his martyrdom.

St Paul's Leadership Team

The Reverend Julie D. Bryant,


Pastor Jim Fuller,

Assisting ELCA Pastor, retired


Non-Clergy Staffing needs are currently met by an array of dedicated volunteers.


Candy Amos Senior Warden

Marc Jeter Junior Warden &  Outreach / Stewardship

Melissa Almarez Christian Education

Steve Armitage Parish Growth

Corine Cudney Parish Life
Claire Humphrey Communications

Michael Mann Buildings/Grounds
Chuck Stansfield Buildings/Grounds

Our Patron Saint

March 17, 2019:  The Reverend Canon Joanna Satorius, the Canon of Formation and Transition Ministry of the Los Angeles Diocese met with the Vestry and provided us an overview of the process of calling a new priest. It is important to note, however, that this process cannot begin until after Reverend Nancy’s retirement is complete, in other words, after August 1st. The idea behind this is that the congregation moves ahead with a fresh start, knowing that we, together, must determine the Will of God for our congregation on our own; moreover, that we can demonstrate that we can manage our parish on our own.

September 8, 2019:  The Reverend Canon Joanna Satorius, the Canon of Formation and Transition Ministry of the Los Angeles Diocese met with the Vestry to advise and urge us to begin our self-study, a process, whereby we report about our congregation; who we are; and what is significant about us.  Before we can begin this process, there is some 'groundwork' which must be laid.  They include:

  • Arrange for an external audit of the bookkeeping records of Saint Paul's.

  • Contact the Diocese to arrange for our Story Day, which will take place on December 14th.


About St Paul's
Episcopal Church

Ready to welcome you, and to practice unconditional love.

We might say that St Paul's is the Lancaster leaf of the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement, if we were to stretch Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry's words just a bit.

We are a welcoming congregation dedicated to loving those with whom we pray and serve. Our leadership team is diverse, we hope to extend true hospitality to all of God's people, and to welcome home those who have been hurt by communities of faith.

Our worship is a mix of traditional and contemporary, as are we - grateful for the path that has lead us thus far, and willing to make a better future as our understanding of God's grace grows! 

Contact us, or visit us to become a part of our family.

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